Good to know

Here we have gathered information that is good to know before your visit with us.

Check-in time is 13.00 for camping pitches and 15.00 for our cottages. Check-out time is
at 12.00 for camping pitches and cottages at 11.00 unless otherwise agreed at the reception.
The prices on the website apply to online bookings. 

As a rule, a booking confirmation is issued and sent to the guest by e-mail, or by post if there is no e-mail.
If you have not received the booking confirmation or post, you must notify us as soon as possible.

In order for the reservation to be valid, the registration fee and any cancellation insurance must be paid no later than 15 days before arrival. The registration fee is 30% of the total amount, and you can purchase cancellation insurance for an additional fee of 250 SEK.

Once you have taken note of the booking confirmation/the booking rules, your booking is binding.

Cancellation protection applies per unit and costs SEK 250, which applies in the event of illness/accident up to the day before arrival. Repayment is made on presentation of a medical certificate with a deduction for cancellation insurance.

Cancellation with cancellation insurance is refunded with a deduction if cancellation is made no later than 15 days before arrival without the requirement of a medical certificate.

If the stay has begun, there is no refund.

If there is no cancellation and the booked object is not used by the guest, the campsite has the right to credit the total payment for the booking and the object can be used by the facility to another customer.

Late booked, unpaid object is held for the customer, unless otherwise agreed, until 18.00 on the day of access.

What applies if I cancel and do not have cancellation protection?
If you cancel or interrupt your stay, the entire rental fee will be charged.

When booking online, the stay is paid for directly through card payment or Swish. Bookings made via email earlier than 15 days before arrival require a deposit of 30%. 15 days before arrival, the total amount must be paid.

A reminder invoice of 100 SEK will be sent with a late payment interest of 10%.

We are now a cashless campsite for safety reasons.

1. Do not disturb the peace of the campsite. Drive at walking speed and as little as
2. A general rule is to show consideration. At 23.00 - 07.00 it should be quiet on
the campsite.
3. Visitors to you should leave their cars in the parking lot. Only 1 car per
4. Car washing is not allowed in the campsite area.
5. Caravan toilets are only emptied in the service building's waste bin.
The waste water hoses are emptied in a sink in the designated area.
6. Dog owners are asked to show the greatest possible consideration for other guests. Keep
your dog on a leash and walk outside the area.
7. Help us keep the campsite clean and free of litter. Use the environmental station and
sort your garbage there.
8. The campsite host or staff are not responsible for damage to or loss of
campers' belongings.
9. Upon departure, your campsite must be vacated and cleaned before 12.00
on the day of departure.

You can rent bed sheets. A set including a fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase, and towel costs 150 SEK.

A washing machine and dryer can be booked at the reception for a fee.

SOS 112
Police 114 14
Sjukvårdsrådgivningen 1177
Giftinformation 08-331231
Sjukhus Karlshamn 0454-731000
Sjukhus Kristianstad 044- 309120 Vårdcentral Bromöllad 0456-48820 Vårdcentral Sölvesborg 0456-648110 Dentist 0456-731275 Vetrin3091000
Vårdcentral Bromölla 0456-48820
Vårdcentral Sölvesborg 0456-648110
Dentist 0456-731275
Vetrinär 044-94225
Tourist office 0456-10088
Taxi 0456-18500

A mailbox is available at reception during the high season.

Childhood friends who grew up on the same street. Love life. Have taken a camper van to Kiev and watched football. Otto is practical and street smart. Jonas has an exclusive right to the truth. Otto is always happy. Jonas prefers skiing. Otto has the most beautiful boat in Lerberget. Jonas has a bad back. They both love to play golf. Otto has taught Jonas to smoke a pipe. The gentlemen are happy to drink brandy. Otto took 50 people to Greece for his 50th birthday. Jonas has done a ski season in Argentina. Otto's favorite song is "Blue Monday" by New Order. Jonas has seen Bruce Springsteen 14 times. Otto's grandfather is alive and is Otto's legend. Jonas has been traveling around the world for 10 years. Otto is great at padel. Jonas is better at table tennis. Both stand by the grill when there is an entrecoté. We do this together and who knows what the next project will be. Hope you will enjoy your stay with us. As one of their grandfathers always said in the Småland dialect: "Di är femtanjävliga herarna." Love to all our guests.